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In the Night Garden

Iggle piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka and more colourful characters and toys play together and take children on wonderful adventures in a magical picture-book place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child’s imagination, with calming music and nursery rhymes, in the BBC children's television series. Explore the magical world of toys, games, dinnerware and merchandise from the garden at Funstra.

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A Guide to In the Night Garden
The live action children's television series, produced by Ragdoll Productions has entertained children since 2007, with over 100 episodes, and aims to sooth and relax children and prepare them for bedtime. The garden is a magical place that exists between waking and sleeping in a child’s imagination and it's loveable characters living in a magical forest care for each other unconditionally. Starring the energetic and curious teddy, Igglepiggle, who carries a comforting red blanket, the happy and optimistic dolly, Upsy Daisy, and Makka Pakka who lives in a cave and rides around the garden on his Og-Pog, along with the Tombliboos - Unn, Ooo and Eee, the Pontipines, the Wottingers, the Haahoos, the Ninky Nonk train, the Pinky Ponk airship and the Tittifers birds that relax and entertain young children.
Meet the Characters
Upsy Daisy
Makka Pakka
Tombliboo Unn
Tombliboo Ooo
Tombliboo Eee
The Pontipines
The Wottingers
The Haahoos
The Ninky Nonk
The Pinky Ponk
The Tittifers
Watch the Show
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