The Best Children’s Picture Books To Read with a Tasmanian Devil Plushie

Tasmanian Devil toys are not just fun Australian animals for children to play with, but can engage and entertain kids too. Role playing koala stuffed toys to tell stories can help to make children’s books like ‘Neville the Devil’, ‘Tiddles: The Special Tassie Devil’ or ‘Ruby Roars’ come to life.

Sharing a story with your child’s soft and cuddly tasmanian devil plush toy can help child development and improve your child’s reading, communication and vocabulary skills. A much loved Tasmanian devil toy could be the perfect learning companion for children to practice their reading and storytelling skills. And if your child has an interest in Tasmanian devils or Australian animals, then children’s books that feature a Tasmanian devil theme are the perfect book to entertain them.

We’ve compiled a selection of some our favorite story books for children featuring the cute and cuddly Tasmanian devil. Children can experience story time together with their favourite Tasmanian devil toy and take them along on their imaginative adventures as they turn the pages of these Tasmanian devil theme children’s books.

Ruby Roars

Written by Kerry Argent and Margaret Wild

When she was a baby, Ruby, a Tasmanian Devil, liked making popping noises with her dummy. “Pop! Pop! Pop!” When she was older, she tried making scary noises instead. “Scrrr! Screekle! Scrunch!” But she couldn’t frighten anyone, not a frog, not a fish. “Shivers!” thought Ruby. What was the scariest noise she could make? And she opened her mouth wide to find out.

Neville the Devil

Written by Tim Faulkner and illustrated by Elin Matilda Anderson

An unforgettable book set in verse, this beautifully illustrated text tells the story of the iconic Tasmanian devil. As an endangered species facing a number of threats, young Neville must learn to thrive in his bush environment.

Story by wildlife and conservation expert Tim Faulkner.

Ruby Roars

Written by Margot Finke and illustrated by Ioana Zdralea

In ‘OSCAR is Different,’ a young Tasmanian Devil looks just like his relatives–mean, nasty, and ugly. All the bush critters are scared of him. Yet on the inside, Oscar’s heart is warm and loving. He yearns for a few good mates. However, it seems he must first show that he can be trusted. Kids will cheer when Oscar finally proves he is nothing like his fearsome Aussie relatives. The bushies come to understood that judging Oscar by how he looked was a BIG mistake.

Tiddles: The Special Tassie Devil

Written by Nita Lawes-Gilvear and illustrated by Ioana Zdralea

A delightful children’s book which follows the story of Tiddles, a very special little Tassie Devil with a curious attraction to the human world around him! But when Tiddles’ mother disagrees with this, Tiddles runs away and is found crying by a little girl named Katie! Adding to the excitement of the book, you can discover 50 ants, 4 ladybirds, 3 butterflies and 2 grasshoppers, which have been cleverly hidden throughout the magnificent illustrations.