Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian Devil Songs for Kids to Sing Along with a Tasmanian Devil Puppet or Plush Toy

Children can play, dance and sing along with their Tasmanian Devil toys to these fun catchy tunes about the Tasmanian Devil. With some classic Australian songs like, ‘Tasmanian Devil’ from Don Spencer and new nursery rhymes and songs like ‘Tasmanian Meltdown’ from Looney Tunes, these Tasmanian Devil songs are sure to delight and entertain preschoolers and children, both young and old.

These entertaining Tasmanian Devil songs are great to help children develop confidence, enhance motor skills and communication as they role play and perform along with the music with their cherished Tasmanian Devil stuffed animal. A song can be an enjoyable and amusing way for children to have their Tasmanian Devil puppet sing along to the song lyrics as they practice and develop their puppeteer skills.

Tasmanian Devil

Don Spencer is an Australia children’s songwriter and guitarist and sings the children song titled, Tasmanian Devil, which amusingly tells the story of having a Tasmanian devil around for dinner. Kids will love to sing along with their favourite Tasmanian devil puppet or stuffed animal and perform the catchy Tasmanian devil tune.

If you had a Tasmanian Devil round for dinner
You wouldn’t have to wonder what he’d eat
The Devil will eat anything that you put in front of him
His digestive system is unique
He’s earned himself an awesome reputation
He’s blessed with an amazing appetite
And you won’t have to clean up after
‘Cause he’ll eat nearly everything in sight

And he can eat, and he can eat
He’ll eat grass and leaves and berries and any kind of meat
And he can eat, and he can eat
There isn’t a thing he couldn’t or wouldn’t try to eat

If you had a Tasmanian Devil in your garden
He’ll eat the carrots, spuds and silver beet
And if you give him time he’ll eat the washing off the line
And half the fence before his meal’s complete
He’s a marsupial garbage disposal
The kind of an appliance you don’t need
Oh it’s not that he’s trying to be destructive
It’s just he’s always looking for a feed

And he can eat, and he can eat
He’ll eat grass and leaves and berries and any kind of meat
And he can eat, and he can eat
Ah, there isn’t a thing he couldn’t or wouldn’t try to eat

Australian folk band, The Wayfarers, also covered Don Spencer’s song, Tasmanian Devil.

Tasmanian Meltdown

Taz from Warner Bros. Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies classic cartoons showcases in this wild children’s song, Tasmanian Meltdown.

Oh there’s a rumble in the backyard
It’s a shakin’ twistin’ cloud
Seems someone’s pet
Is getting way upset
Oh there’s something awful loud
He just swallowed up his doghouse
Knocked a barbeque into space
Then he sucked up Bug’s swimming pool
Spit out a tidal wave
Tasmanian meltdown comin’
Said there’s a meltdown comin’
Well you better start a-runnin’
When the ground starts hummin’
There’s a meltdown comin’
I don’t know what sets him off (I don’t know)
Is he upset about a girl? (Nooooo!)
It’s anyone’s guess
‘Cause he’s not the best
Communicator in the world (Don’t judge me)
We’d love to get him to settle down
But he just scratched through the wall
He got the police chasing after him
‘Cause he’s headed for the mall
Tasmanian meltdown comin’
Said there’s a hurricane comin’

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