The Best Children’s Picture Books To Read with a Cockatoo Plushie

Cockatoo toys are not just cute and cuddly Australian bird for children to play with, but can engage and entertain kids too. Role playing cockatoo stuffed toys to tell stories can help to make children’s books like ‘Black Cockatoo, ‘The Cocky who Cried Dingo’ or ‘Cuddliest Cockatoo’ come to life.

Sharing a story with your child’s soft and cuddly cockatoo plush toy can help child development and improve your child’s reading, communication and vocabulary skills. A much loved cockatoo toy could be the perfect learning companion for children to practice their reading and storytelling skills. And if your child has an interest in cockatoos or Australian birds, then children’s books that feature a cockatoo theme are the perfect book to entertain them.

We’ve compiled a selection of some our favorite story books for children featuring the beautiful cockatoos. Children can experience story time together with their favourite cockatoo toy and take them along on their imaginative adventures as they turn the pages of these cockatoo theme children’s books.

The Cocky Who Cried Dingo

Written by Yvonne Morrison and illustrated by Heath McKenzie

If Aesop had been born Australian, this is the story he would have written instead of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. As it is, Yvonne Morrisson has done the job for him—telling the raucous tale of a cheeky cockatoo who decides that pulling a few pranks on his fellow birds will liven things up. Of course, the prank backfires when no one believes his cries for help, and a real dingo pins him down by his precious yellow crest. All ends well—and cocky learns his lesson. Or does he?

Cockatoo, Too

Written by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

Who can can-can? Find out in this hilarious book that features cockatoos, two more cockatoos, and tutued toucans too!

Cockatoo. Cockatoo two? Cockatoo, too? Two cockatoos! Two cockatoos, too? Cockatoo tutus! Two cockatoos meet two more cockatoos in tutus and two tutued toucans. And then two more! Can they all can-can? They can! The cockatoos and toucans join together for a dance and ask the reader: “Can you can-can too?” Bethanie Deeney Murguia’s fabulous book combines fantastically funny wordplay with lush, vibrant illustrations that will make readers want to can-can along!


Written by Quentin Blake

When eccentric Professor Dupont tries to track down his troupe of brightly-coloured cockatoos, they’re always just one step ahead of him. This counting book won the 1992 Smarties Children’s Choice Award.

Black Cockatoo

Written by Carl Merrison and Hakea Hustler

Black Cockatoo is a vignette that follows Mia, a young Aboriginal girl as she explores the fragile connections of family and culture. Mia is a 13-year-old girl from a remote community in the Kimberley. She is saddened by the loss of her brother as he distances himself from the family. She feels powerless to change the things she sees around her, until one day she rescues her totem animal, the dirran black cockatoo, and soon discovers her own inner strength.

A wonderful small tale on the power of standing up for yourself, culture and ever-present family ties.

Goggine: The Black Cockatoo

Written and illustrated by Jill Dodd

The “Goggine” book translated in Birri Language (spoken Eastern Central Queensland, Australia) to “The Black Cockatoo” is a glimpse of childhood memories of her grandfather teaching lingo, how to whistle and throw a boomerang. The book commemorates thirty years since his passing.

Charlie The Cockatoo

Written by Jordan Dean and illustrated by Romulo Reyes III

Charlie is a kind cockatoo, but when he visits town with his family he learns that not everyone is as kind as him. This is a beautifully illustrated book for 4-8 year old readers. Proceeds from this sale benefit nonprofit organisation Library For All, helping children around the world learn to read.

The Cockatoo From Timbuktu

Written by William AE Ford and illustrated by Ramile Imac

Join Kian the cockatoo on his adventures around the world! Can a childhood song about a shining star help him find his way home? From the Great Barrier Reef to the Great Wall of China to New York City, wonders of the world are explored delightfully in this epic journey!

Cuddliest Cockatoo

Written by Susannah McFarlane and illustrated by Lachlan Creagh

Callum loves cuddles with his toy crocodile, Mr Cuddles. Join Callum and his chums for a considerable conundrum!