Host a Spot the Dog Party with Spot Birthday Cake and Party Decorations

Throw your little one a Spot the Dog themed birthday party, complete with an adorable puppy birthday cake, party invitations, balloons, decorations, party food, party games and toys for party favours and prizes.

Spot is a yellow puppy with a brown spot on each side of his body and a brown tip on his tail and has entertained toddlers and pre-schoolers since 1980 with the release of Eric Hill’s children’s picture books and subsequently the television series, home video titles, music albums, games and Fun with Spot toy collection.

Spot is full of curiosity, helpfulness, with a strong desire to learn and introduces children to new experiences through friendship and play. A Spot the Dog theme birthday party for little ones that love the adorable puppy dog is a unique option to plan to celebrate their special day.

A Fun with Spot birthday party must have a Spot the Dog birthday cake. A beautifully decorated Spot the Dog birthday cake that’s fun, bright and colourful is sure to delight little fans of Eric Hill’s loveable yellow puppy.

Invite your guests to the birthday party celebration with some fun Spot the Dog party invitations that are bright and colourful and set the theme for your party. This package comes with party invitations and coordinated envelopes, along with thank you note cards too that allow you to thank your guests for attending the party.

Party decorations will help you to create the scene for your Spot the Dog theme birthday party. Decorate the room with birthday banners, balloons, and streamers. Embellish the table with a colour coordinated or Spot the Dog themed printed tablecloth, along with paper party dinnerware that includes plates, bowls, cups, and napkins. Party hats and loot bags are also a great addition to your Spot the Dog party. Spot the Dog toys make great prizes for party games like ‘Pass the Parcel’, ‘Musical Chairs’, ‘Treasure Hunt’, ‘Pin the Tail on Spot’ or inside a Spot the Dog piƱata and you can even include small plush toys or figurines in loot bags or ‘doggy bags’ for party favours as an alternative or to accompany sweets and candy.

You can be creative with the party food too. Get inspired searching on Pinterest or Google for Spot themed party food or party food for a dog themed birthday party. Some party food ideas are Spot themed cupcakes, bone biscuits or fairy bread cut out with a bone shaped cookie cutter, pups in blankets or mini hot dogs, or ‘pup-corn’ for popcorn.

As you can see, you’re only limited by your imagination. A Spot the Dog party theme is perfect for fans of the loveable puppy dog and will be a memorable birthday for your little one.