The Best of ‘The Adventures of Spot’ Series Videos on YouTube

Here he comes with a giggle and a hop, running so fast that he just can’t stop. Hello Spot! Spot, Hello! Happy little puppy, always on the go. Hello Spot! Wait for me. I want to come along and see the things you see!

The Adventures of Spot: Series 1

The first animated series of The Adventures of Spot was released in 1987 and consisted of 13 episodes. Each episode was 5 minutes long and starred Eric Hill’s puppy dog character, Spot the Dog, from his award winning lift-the-flap children’s picture books. Like the books, the series follows the inquisitive puppy, as he embarks on a small voyage of discovery, gently introducing children to the wider world.

Spot’s Surprise Parcel

Spot’s Lost Bone

Spot’s First Walk

Spot in the Woods

Spot’s Birthday Present

Where’s Spot?

Sweet Dreams, Spot

Spot Goes to School

Spot Goes to the Circus

Spot Follows His Nose

Spot Goes Splash

Spot’s Windy Day

Spot Goes on Holiday

The Adventures of Spot: Series 2

The second series of The Adventures of Spot was aired in 1993, and, like the first series, consisted of 13 episdoes that were 5 minutes in duration. The episodes were produced by King Rollo Films and were narrated by Paul Nicholas and the music was composed by Duncan Lamont.

Spot Goes to the Farm

Spot Stays Overnight

Spot Makes a Cake

Spot Finds a Key

Spot in the Garden

Spot Goes to a Party

Spot’s Winter Sports

Spot Goes to the Fair

Spot’s Favorite Toy

Spot’s First Picnic

Spot at the Playground

Storytime with Spot