The Adventures of Blinky Bill – Watch the Classic Australian Children’s TV Show

The mischievous Blinky Bill is one of the most iconic koala characters in popular culture. The cheeky koala was created by author and illustrator Dorothy Wall with the release of Blinky Bill: The Quaint Little Australian in 1933, followed by Blinky Bill Grows Up, and Blinky Bill and Nutsy.

An animated children’s television series was developed in 1993, starring the classic koala character, titled The Adventures of Blinky Bill. The series was a sequel to the 1992 film Blinky Bill: The Mischievous Koala that tells the story of Blinky Bill’s childhood with his animal friends in the Australian bush. The Adventures of Blinky Bill presents stories of Blinky Bill and his family and friends – Nutsy the koala, Splodge the kangaroo and Wombo the wombat.

Season 1

Blinky Bill’s Favourite Café

Blinky and his friends try to help a depressed Mr. Gloop by getting Mayor Pelican to rebuild his cafe. But the Dingoes hinder the plan to get a place for “dingoes” instead. With Wombo’s help, Bunyip Day provides a perfect opportunity for Blinky to get the Café opened for this occasion.

Blinky Bill’s Fire Brigade

After the new school is constructed a storm comes and starts fires around the ground. Realizing the danger, Blinky and his friends form a fire brigade. When mishaps occur the fire brigade seems like trouble, but they come to Blinky and Myrtle’s rescue when a bush fire starts.

Blinky Rescues the Budgie

At Ms. Pym’s general store, Blinky and his friends take her pet budgie Cedric thinking he’s in need of freedom. Cedric tries to enjoy his new yet inadequate experience, which causes inconvenience for Greenpatch. Eventually Cedric decides to rejoin Ms. Pym.

Blinky Bill’s Fund Run

On Blinky’s suggestion, Mayor Pelican starts up a Fund Run marathon to raise money for rebuilding a hospital. The Dingoes seize that event for the money. Blinky and his friends train hard for the race and avoid the Dingoes’ cheating, resulting in Marcia as the winner.

Blinky Bill the Teacher

Tired of school, Blinky humiliates Ms. Magpie in front of school Inspector Fox. With Ms. Magpie out, the Inspector gives the teaching position to Blinky. Blinky proves to be a tiresome teacher and the job is harder than he thought. With that, Blinky persuades Ms. Magpie to come back.

Blinky and the Red Car

Blinky and his friends see Mr. Possum’s red car and compete against the Dingoes in a job hunting scheme to earn the money to buy it.

Blinky Breaks the Drought

Blinky helps Mrs. Rabbit grow carrots to cut down her expenses. The Dingoes swipe some carrots from the garden for personal profit, but having failed to get away with it, they dam off Greenpatch’s water supply. Blinky and his friends get Flap to dig up the dam.

Blinky Saves Granny’s Glasses

The Dingoes, while cycling smash Granny Grunty’s glasses. To replace them, Blinky and his friends start a stage performance to raise the money they need. The Dingoes try to steal the show, giving the play a new twist and Blinky successfully gets the necessary money for new glasses.

Blinky Bill’s Ghost Cave

The Rabbit family is homeless and losing their things. Blinky finds a cave, ideal for the rabbits to move into, except something creepy is inside. Blinky and Nutsy find out the Dingoes have been taking the rabbits’ things and scaring them, so Blinky makes his own spook to drive them out.

Blinky Bill’s Zoo

After Ms. Magpie teaches her class about humans and species, a lost little girl named Wendy becomes Blinky and the others’ interest to house her in a zoo of their own. In trying to teach her tricks, Jacko, Splodge, Flap, and even Blinky get injuries. Soon Wendy leaves the bush by a passing helicopter.

Blinky and the Magician

Blinky and his friends meet the magician El Diablo and become his assistants after letting the animals out. El Diablo is actually Danny Dingo keeping Greenpatch out of the way whilst Meatball steals the town’s food. As Blinky and the others disrupt the show, they blow the Dingoes’ scheme.

Detective Blinky

Blinky and Splodge turn detective when all the Mulgar Berries in Greenpatch mysteriously disappear.

Blinky and the Heart of the Tree

Wombo tells Blinky the story of an old tree and a young Koala with a flute against an evil Dingo queen.

Blinky and the Strange Koala

A black and white Koala is being held at a local zoo and Blinky and his friends sneak in to release it. It is actually a Panda from China and is due to be shipped back there. Blinky manages to prevent a serious mix up from happening.

Blinky Bill’s Gold Mine

Blinky makes a claim to mine for gold. Blinky then tricks Danny into buying his faulty mining spot, with Marcia’s mother’s precious necklace.

Blinky and the Film Star

The Dingoes shoot a bank robbing film. The leading star Daisy attracts a lot of attention and makes Blinky, Flap and Splodge lovestruck. Marcia and Nutsy discover the acting is just a cover for an actual robbery. Blinky disguises himself as a girl and thwarts the robbery during the filming.

Blinky Bill’s Treasure Hunt

Wombo tells Blinky about the legend of Captain Moonbeam’s treasure and the gang decide to look for it underground. The Dingoes steal the treasure chest but are less than pleased when the actual treasure is revealed to be old bean cans.

Blinky Bill and ‘Club Pet’

A new tourist resort is built in town before the hospital could be built. However it is attracting Feral Cats who are eating the local wildlife.

Blinky Leads the Gang

An election takes place for gang leader between Blinky and Danny. Danny uses underhanded methods to win and Blinky and his friends are forced to come up with a plan to outwit him.

Blinky Bill Finds Marcia Mouse

Feeling left out, Marcia tries a ‘rebel’ image and ends up in trouble at school for biting and rudeness. When she is grounded, she runs away from home. Blinky and Nutsy formulate a plan to get her to come back.

Blinky and the Monster

Danny Dingo claims to Blinky and his friends that a monster dwells in a lake. Danny gets Meatball to be the monster in a film to deliver evidence to Blinky. However Flap fools the Dingoes with his own monster.

Blinky Saves Twiggy

Blinky and his friends find a lost baby echidna named Twiggy who is trying to find her mother. Blinky and his friends take good care of her while the search for her mother is on.

Mayor Blinky Bill

With many complaints against Mayor Pelican, he decides to lend the job to Blinky. While trying to build a river road, Blinky tries to keep everyone satisfied. The peak of a successful plan to build the road fails altogether and Blinky gives back position of mayor back to Pelican.

Who is Blinky Bill?

A family of koalas come to Greenpatch for two days. Their son Algenon is a lookalike to Blinky but has a different personality. Blinky and Algenon swap their identities for a new experience, causing confusion for their parents and Ms. Magpie.

Blinky Bill’s Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day arrives in Greenpatch and Nutsy is upset because she remembers her mother being killed when the town was destroyed. Shifty finds Nutsy’s long-lost father who is suffering from memory loss.

Blinky Bill’s Wedding Picnic

Blinky’s mother and Nutsy’s father decide to get married and invite the whole town. Shifty broke his leg while practicing dance steps, Blinky builds a wheelchair to help get Shifty to the wedding.