Shaun the Sheep

Shaun Games: Shear Speed, Home Sheep Home Farmageddon, Llama League & More

Join the mischievous Shaun the Sheep and the flock on their misadventures at Mossy Bottom Farm with these super fun games that will engage and entertain children. Race through the city in Shear Speed as you lead the flock, dodging hazards along the way, or experience a virtual reality experience with Shaun, Lu-la and the flock with Movie Barn. There’s lots of amusement to be had with these online games starring your favourite sheep, Shaun.

Shear Speed

An official Shaun The Sheep Movie game from Aardman Animations and Lionsgate.

Shaun The Sheep Movie hits the big screen in 2015 and to celebrate Aardman Animations brings you an all-new, action-packed game where only the fastest survive!

Turbo-charge your hooves and get ready for the race of your life! Shear Speed challenges you to lead the Flock through the bustle of the Big City, dodging obstacles and keeping your distance from the dastardly Trumper, an evil animal catcher with the Flock firmly set in his sights. Drop the pace and you could find yourself spending the night in the pound…

Race through a colourful cityscape, jumping, rolling and dodging a variety of hazards along the way, keeping your eyes peeled for the grass you’ll need to munch to keep that boost meter powered up.

Shear Speed is a racing challenge that’s simple to play but tricky to truly master. Are you ready? On your marks, get set, GO!

Play Shear Speed

Where’s Shaun?

The flock have gone on an adventure, but Shaun’s got lost in the hustle and bustle of these busy places! Can you help find him with lots of other hidden characters and objects? Unlock 9 awards along the way!

Play Where’s Shaun?

Shaun the Sheep App Hazard

Shaun has found the farmer’s iPad and has become addicted to Home Sheep Home – as he walks around the farm going about his day, he can’t take his eyes off the screen. Help him to get around whilst avoiding all the hazards on the farm using the flock to help you.

Play App Hazard

Llama League Lite

Uh oh – the Llamas have invaded the pitch! Join the unruly new additions to Mossy Bottom Farm in this hilarious one or two player football game. Will your llama become a star striker or end up on the subs bench?

Play Llama League

Sustainable Shaun

Help Shaun build a new eco-friendly city for the stray animals of the Big City, making sure to keep them all happy by monitoring resources, food, energy, transport and nature issues.

Play Sustainable Shaun

Shaun the Sheep Movie Barn

Join Shaun, Lu-La and the Flock in their first virtual reality experience, where you can explore a 360° ‘movie theatre’ while watching your favourite Shaun the Sheep clips! To use the app, you’ll need a mobile phone and a light mobile headset, such as Google Cardboard.

Movie Barn VR is intended for use by adults and children aged 7+. Have fun watching videos with Shaun, but remember to take a rest break at least every 10 minutes.

Play Shaun the Sheep Movie Barn

Home Sheep Home Farmegeddon

Join Shaun the Sheep and his friends Timmy and Shirley on this epic adventure journeying through underground caverns, negotiating the busy streets of London and teleporting through outer space all in search of the green, green grass of home. A brand new suite of action-packed, Shaun the Sheep movie themed party games bring some extra-terrestrial chaos to the farm with a visit to the Farmageddon theme park where you can compete with family and friends in a series of madcap fairground games hosted by Shaun’s new alien pal Lu-La, who has crash-landed near Mossy Bottom Farm.

Play Home Sheep Home Farmageddon

If you have any suggestions for more Shaun the Sheep games that our readers would enjoy, please let us know in the comments.

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