Shaun the Sheep

‘Shaun The Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas’ from Aardman Animation

When Shaun’s hunt for a bigger stocking hits a snag, the whole farm sets out on a wild holiday adventure — complete with a sleigh!

Shaun the Sheep and his flock of friends at Mossy Bottom Farm are the ultimate holiday gift for fans of the Aardman Animations stop-motion comedy production. The Flight Before Christmas is a 30 minute television special released before Christmas in 2021 on the BBC in the UK and on Netflix.

Watch the Trailer

Take a sneak peek of Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas and watch the trailer of this fun Christmas special.

The Story

Shaun and the flock are right into the spirit of Christmas, decorating the barn and the tree, knitting Christmas jumpers and preparing for Christmas.

Bitzer arrives with a box of Christmas stockings. Disappointed with the stockings, Shaun measures them and is somewhat unsatisfied with the size of the stockings.

Shaun spots the Farmers much larger stocking across at the house. The Farmer is cooking in the kitchen, making an incredibly fizzy soda. After bottling the soda, the Farmer and Bitzer leave the room, allowing Shaun and Timmy to enter, with the hope of taking the stockings.

Shaun spots the Christmas tree and all the presents surrounding it and approaches with little Timmy. On hearing footsteps, Shaun hides Timmy in a Christmas box and wraps himself in wrapping paper.

The Farmer is dressed up as Santa Claus and goes outside with his sack of gifts, packing the car for his journey. Timmy follows him, still in the Christmas box and jumps into the back of the ute with the Farmer and Bitzer. Shaun runs after the ute, but can’t catch them. A flyer falls out of the back of the ute, revealing where the Farmer, Bitzer and Timmy are headed – the lighting of the town’s Christmas tree.

The Farmer and Bitzer arrive, joining in on the festivities to sell their fizzy sodas. Suddenly a truck of snowmen arrive and Shaun and his friends are disguised as one of the snowmen.

Shaun spots Timmy still in the back of the ute, but when the flock arrive to rescue him, little Timmy has disappeared again.

The flock hide in the Farmer’s soda stand and as the Farmer juggles a fallen soda bottle, and it opens, with the cork taking to the air, flying into surroundings and causing quite an commotion amongst the people.

The Farmer, still dressed as Santa, hides in a tent, which unbeknown to him is filled with children, which are excited to see Santa Claus.

Shaun spots Timmy, still in the Christmas gift box, making his way into the tent too. Seeing the gift, the Farmer gives the box to a little boy.

The little boy leaves with his family, holding the Christmas gift with little Timmy inside. Shaunt sees them leave in a white van and takes off after them with the flock in the sleigh, knocking over the soda stand and Bitzer goes after them.

After an exciting journey, they arrive at the family’s home with the flock in the sleigh and Bitzer lands in the pool and has turned into a block of ice. The little boy is about to open the gift with Timmy inside, but his mother tells him to wait until Christmas day.

Shaun and the flock devise a plan to rescue Timmy from under the tree. Shaun and his friends are disguised as carolers, but aren’t let into the family’s home.

Shirley finds a way into the basement, and Shaun just fits through the vent hole. Shaun is inside and finds a box, but Timmy isn’t inside. The little boy has taken the box upstairs to his bedroom. He finds Timmy on opening the box, and Timmy pretends to be a toy sheep.

Shaun continues to open the presents under the tree in the hope of finding little Timmy, but to no avail. Seeing this, Timmy’s mother knocks down the door of the family home and the flock search the home for Timmy. Upstairs the little boy is having lots of fun playing with Timmy.

The flock search every room, and on opening the little boy’s bedroom door, he’s sleeping, holding onto Timmy. Shaun retrieves Timmy, but suddenly the little boy awakes. The flock try to quickly leave, but are unable to escape.

In the meantime, Bitzer escapes from his ice block with the help of a bird tapping on the block of ice.

Trapped in the attic, Shaun ties Christmas lights to a nearby tree and they escape, but Timmy falls. Bitzer comes to the rescue with the sleigh powered by the Farmer’s fizzy soda to rescue Timmy and they all fly home.

It’s Christmas morning and Bitzer gets a swanky new kennel. Timmy gives Shaun a large stocking, sewn together from all the smaller stockings filled with toys and the flock enjoys Christmas dinner together.

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