Make these Amazing DIY Handmade Crocodile Plush Toys

Crocodiles are giant reptiles that look a lot like dinosaurs and have captured the interest of so many, both children and adults alike. Whether you’re looking for a craft project or a meaningful handmade gift for that crocodile lover in your life, we’ve compiled a collection of the best handcrafted crocodile plush toys that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Creating your own personalised crocodile plush toy allows you to choose your own textiles, fabrics, colours and style, and make your own truly wonderful crocodile creation that you can cherish and enjoy or gift to someone special.

Croco the Crocodile Toy

Croco the Crocodile is an adorable Crocodile Toy and thanks to KenjikuMade on Etsy, you can make your own super cute crocodile plush toy. The pattern features detailed instructions with step-by-step photo tutorials, making it an easy project and perfect to give to someone special that loves cute little crocodiles.

Charlie the Crocodile Plush Toy

Charlie is a big daydreamer. You can find him in the water with his head in the clouds almost all the time. He likes to fantasize about flying and would love to be able to fly over the woods and see the big trees and animals from up above.

Make your own Charlie the Crocodile Plush Toy thanks to DIYFluffies on Etsy, with detailed instructions and high quality photographs to help you along the way.

Crocodile Plush

Crochet your own Crocodile Plush Toy with this fun video on the Skein Spider YouTube channel. To make this cute little crocodile, you’ll need 3 mm and 3.5 mm crochet hooks, scissors, stitch markers, needle, pins, stuffing, a pair of safety eyes, pipe cleaner and 8 ply yarn in colours of your choice.

Crocodile Crochet Plush

Make your own little Croci the Crocodile Plush Toy with this wonderful informative video tutorial on ComplicatedKnots channel on YouTube. All you’ll need for this craft project is yarn in yellow and green or your chosen colours, white yarn for the teeth, safety eyes, a crochet hook, pins and scissors.

Czar the Crocodile Crochet Plush

You can make Czar the Crocodile and his cute little croc friend with this fabulous crochet pattern thanks to SweetOddityArt on Etsy. The downloadable pattern features detailed instructions that are easy to follow if you know the basic stitches and techniques used to make amigurumi. All you’ll need to make these adorable crocodile pals is green yarn, a pair of safety eyes, fiberfill stuffing, a 3.25 mm crochet hook and tapestry needle.