Giggle & Hoot Songs: The Goodnight Hour

Jimmy Giggle, Hoot, Hootabelle, Giggle Fangs, Hootagadget, Pirate Hootbeard and Giggle Spikey love playing and singing together in Giggle and Hoot. Every evening Jimmy Giggle and his friends help to prepare pre-schoolers for bedtime in The Goodnight Hour, which features some hootastic tunes that engage and entertain children, and help parents to maintain bedtime routine.

The Goodnight Hour features fun music like The Giggle Galaxy, Five Steps to Bed, Sweet Dreams, and always ends with the soothing, Hoot’s Lullaby.

  1. My Batty Lair
  2. 5 Steps to Bed
  3. Beak Brush Time
  4. The Giggle Galaxy
  5. Hey Hootabelle
  6. The Bird and Bat Bath Boogie
  7. On the Night Watch
  8. Sweet Dreams
  9. Giggle Mission Time
  10. Twinklify
  11. Hoot’s Lullaby

My Batty Lair

Giggle Fang leads the song, My Batty Lair, and is joined by Hoot, Hootabelle and Giggle Bug, singing with swinging style about his deep love for the Batty Lair.

"My batty lair, the place for me
My batty lair, where I live quietly
It's where I hang around 
Batnapping upside down
I love my batty lair!"

5 Steps to Bed

Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle sing the 5 Steps To Bed in big band style. They sing about brushing your teeth, putting your pyjamas on, story time or a sleepy time song, cuddle your favourite soft toy, and finally it’s snuggle up time and ‘say hello to the night’.

Beak Brush Time

Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootagadget sing Beak Brush Time, which is about brushing your teeth for the ‘smiliest smile’, while timing the teeth brushing using Hootagadget’s Gadget Timer.

The Giggle Galaxy

The Giggle Galaxy is a beautifully animated song that features an astronaut Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle flying into space in the Giggle Rocket, across the universe.

"Flying into space, where we cruise at Giggle Speed
Shooting like a star through the Giggle Galaxy
Through the Giggle Galaxy, yeah yeah, the Giggle Galaxy

Across the universe, Astro Giggle, Astro Hoot
Round and round we go, Hootabelle is on the moon
In the Giggle Galaxy, yeah yeah, the Giggle Galaxy"

Hey Hootabelle

Hey Hootabelle is an animated song that follows Hoot and Hootabelle as they meet at Hootabelle’s purple button tree and then fly around the land of Giggle and Hoot together, “bouncing off the clouds into an ocean full of stars”.

"When we fly together, the sky comes alive
And it's so good to have you by my side"

The Bird and Bat Bath Boogie

The Bird & Bat Bath Boogie song features Hoot, Hootabelle, Giggle Fangs and Pirate Hootbeard, with Jimmy Giggle playing the piano, and is about bathing in a bubble bath, cleaning up and getting into your pyjamas to prepare for bed.

On the Night Watch

On the Night Watch features Hoot and Jimmy Giggle singing about the night watch in true crooning style.

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams is an animated song that features Jimmy Giggle and Hoot as they fly around the skies of Giggle and Hoot together with soft and sweet dreamlike scenes around them.

Giggle Mission Time

Giggle Mission Time is an animated song that follows Hoot, Hootabelle, Hootagadget, and Giggle Spikey as they go on a mission together. The characters go “rainbow sliding down into the nighty night sky”, and “skating on a skyboard where the stars are so bright”.

"A top secret mission, with owl pals on the case"


Every night Hootabelle lights up the stars in the land of Giggle and Hoot with her twinklifying wand, and Jimmy Giggle and Hoot join her.

Hoot’s Lullaby

Hoot’s Lullaby is an animated clip that always ends the Night-Time Block. It follows Hoot as he commences flight on the Night Watch.

"What a day it's been
What a magic day
Shhh can you hear the moon's is on its way
It's time for all the stars that sparkle in your eye
To fly to the night and light up the sky

What a day it's been
Laughing with our friends
Now that the sun has sunken to its bed
It's time for Hoot to go and watch over you at night
Fill your head with sweet dreams under soft moonlight
And soon the smiling sun will rise again
And light the way to a bright new day

See you in the morning! Hoot! Hoot!"