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‘It’s Fun to Learn with Spot’ Home Video Release Specials


The ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video series from the Spot franchise was released on VHS as phase one in 1990 and phase two was later released in 1994. In the fifteen minute episodes, Spot the Dog learns the alphabet, counting, months of the year, how to tell the time, opposites, first words, colours and shapes.

Spot’s Alphabet

In this episode of ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video, Spot the Dog learns the alphabet. Spot learns the letters of the alphabet with the following words – acrobat, ball, car, dolphin, elephant, flamingo, giraffe, helicopter, insect, juggler, kangaroo, lion, mummy, nuts, oranges, peaches, quartet, reindeer, snake, tiger, uniform, violin, wigwam, xylophone, yak, and zoo. The episode concludes with a tune reviewing all the letters of the alphabet.

Spot’s Busy Year

In this episode of ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video, Spot the Dog learns all the months of the year. The episode begins with Spot waking up and showing all the activities he undertakes throughout the year in the different seasons. The episode concludes with a tune reviewing all the activities Spot undertook in the months in the year. Spot learns the months – January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

Spot Learns to Count

In this episode of ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video, Spot the Dog learns how to count. The episode begins with Spot is going on a walk. On his walk, Spot meets one squirrel, two rabbits, three foxes, four snails, five butterflies, six ducks, seven worms, eight frogs, nine ants, ten mice, eleven fish and twelve birds.

Spot Tells the Time

In this episode of ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video, Spot the Dog learns how to tell the time. The episode begins with Spot sleeping. When Spot wakes up, he has breakfast at eight o’clock. Spot collects the letters from the doormat and takes them into the dining room at nine o’clock. At ten o’clock, Spot goes for his morning walk. At eleven o’clock, it’s time for Spot’s playtime with Cybil the orange tabby cat. At twelve o’clock, dinner is being cooked and his dinner is ready at one o’clock. At two o’clock it’s time for Spot to have a nap. At three o’clock it’s time for Spot to go on his afternoon walk. At four o’clock it’s time for story time on television. At five o’clock, Spot has his tea, followed by a wash. At six o’clock it’s time for Spot to go to bed. The episode concludes with a song reviewing all the times that Spot has learnt through the day.

Spot’s Looks at Opposites

In this episode of ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video, Spot the Dog learns about opposites. The episode begins with Spot going out to play after dinner. Spot goes to the playground to look for more opposites. Spot meets Tom the green crocodile and Steve the brown monkey on his outing. On returning home, Spot meets Clare the green turtle. The episode concludes with a song about the opposites that Spot has learnt. Spot learns lots of opposites that feature – full and empty, open and shut, over and under, in and out, up and down, high and low, fast and slow, and soft and hard.

Spot’s First Word Game

In this episode of ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video, Spot the Dog learns words. The episode begins with Spot looking out the window at the rain and he can’t go out to play. His father, Sam, prepares a game for Spot, hiding pieces of paper around the house with words on them for Spot to find, read and learn. The episode concludes with a song about the words Spot learnt. Spot learns lots of words that feature – ‘box’, ‘toy’, ‘book’, ‘chair’, ‘hat’, ‘mirror’, ‘shoe’, ‘table’, ‘rug’, ‘ball’, ‘window’ and ‘moon’.

Spot Looks at Colours

In this episode of ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video, Spot the Dog learns all about colours. The episode begins with Spot in the garden and his mother, Sally asks him to find her basket. On returning, Spot goes for a walk and continues to explore more colours around him, and meets his friends, Tom the green crocodile and Helen the blue hippo. Spot returns back home and after drawing on his blackboard, he enjoys a drink. The episode concludes with a song about colours. Spot learns lots of colours that feature – red, brown, blue, green, yellow, pink, grey, black, white and orange.

Spot Looks at Shapes

In this episode of ‘It’s Fun to Learn With Spot’ home video, Spot the Dog learns all about shapes. The episode starts with Spot at home and his mother Sally helps to prepare for Spot to go on a picnic. Spot meets his friend, Steve the brown monkey on his picnic outing and after his adventure returns back home. The episode finishes with a song about shapes. Spot learns lots of the shapes that feature – oval, rectangle, circle, square, triangle and diamond.

Spot the Dog

Host a Spot the Dog Party with Spot Birthday Cake and Party Decorations


Throw your little one a Spot the Dog themed birthday party, complete with an adorable puppy birthday cake, party invitations, balloons, decorations, party food, party games and toys for party favours and prizes.

Spot is a yellow puppy with a brown spot on each side of his body and a brown tip on his tail and has entertained toddlers and pre-schoolers since 1980 with the release of Eric Hill’s children’s picture books and subsequently the television series, home video titles, music albums, games and Fun with Spot toy collection.

Spot is full of curiosity, helpfulness, with a strong desire to learn and introduces children to new experiences through friendship and play. A Spot the Dog theme birthday party for little ones that love the adorable puppy dog is a unique option to plan to celebrate their special day.

A Fun with Spot birthday party must have a Spot the Dog birthday cake. A beautifully decorated Spot the Dog birthday cake that’s fun, bright and colourful is sure to delight little fans of Eric Hill’s loveable yellow puppy.

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You can be creative with the party food too. Get inspired searching on Pinterest or Google for Spot themed party food or party food for a dog themed birthday party. Some party food ideas are Spot themed cupcakes, bone biscuits or fairy bread cut out with a bone shaped cookie cutter, pups in blankets or mini hot dogs, or ‘pup-corn’ for popcorn.

As you can see, you’re only limited by your imagination. A Spot the Dog party theme is perfect for fans of the loveable puppy dog and will be a memorable birthday for your little one.

BooksSpot the Dog

‘Where’s Spot?’ and the Books from Eric Hill’s Lift the Flap Collection


Where’s Spot?

It’s dinner time! But where’s Spot? Lift the flaps and follow the search for Spot! ‘Where’s Spot?‘ was the first title from the lift the flap series of children’s books by author and illustrator, Eric Hill, released in 1980. The simple text and colourful pictures will engage a children as they lift the picture flaps in search of Spot.

Spot’s First Walk

Released in 1981. Spot goes for a long walk in the country and discovers many fun toys and friendly animals during his adventure. When he comes home, sopping wet and paws full of items he collected on the way, his Mom asks, “What have you been doing?” His typical child-like reply: “Nothing.”

Spot’s Birthday Party

Released in 1982. Today is Spot’s birthday, and all of his friends are coming over to help celebrate. But before Spot opens his presents, it’s time for a game of hide-and-seek.

Spot Goes to School

Released in 1984. Spot Goes to School tells the story of Spot’s first day at school and turns out to be an exciting adventure as he and his friends take their first steps into the world of learning.

Spot Goes on Holiday

Released in 1985. Spot Goes on Holiday takes children along on a fun-filled holiday with Spot at the seaside.

Spot Goes to the Farm

Released in 1987. In Spot Goes to the Farm, Dad wants to show Spot the baby animals, but it looks as though they’re hiding! Will Spot and Dad be able to find them?

Spot’s First Easter

Released in 1988. The Easter Bunny has hidden some eggs for Spot the puppy to find. Spot’s friend Helen joins in, and the search becomes a counting game.

Spot Goes to a Party

Released in 1992. A letter arrives just for Spot, and inside he finds an invitation to a costume party at Helen’s house! He has lots of fun putting together his cowboy costume, but he’s a little confused when he can’t find his good friends Tom and Steve at the party. 

Spot Visits his Grandparents

Released in 1996. Spot is spending a fun-filled day with his grandparents. First he’ll have one of Grandma’s cookies, then it’s time to do some gardening with Grandpa. Helping out is lots of fun, especially when Spot finds a hidden surprise under the vegetables! And there’s still time to read a story before Mom comes to take Spot home.

Spot the Dog

The Best of ‘The Adventures of Spot’ Series Videos on YouTube


Here he comes with a giggle and a hop, running so fast that he just can’t stop. Hello Spot! Spot, Hello! Happy little puppy, always on the go. Hello Spot! Wait for me. I want to come along and see the things you see!

The Adventures of Spot: Series 1

The first animated series of The Adventures of Spot was released in 1987 and consisted of 13 episodes. Each episode was 5 minutes long and starred Eric Hill’s puppy dog character, Spot the Dog, from his award winning lift-the-flap children’s picture books. Like the books, the series follows the inquisitive puppy, as he embarks on a small voyage of discovery, gently introducing children to the wider world.

Spot’s Surprise Parcel

Spot’s Lost Bone

Spot’s First Walk

Spot in the Woods

Spot’s Birthday Present

Where’s Spot?

Sweet Dreams, Spot

Spot Goes to School

Spot Goes to the Circus

Spot Follows His Nose

Spot Goes Splash

Spot’s Windy Day

Spot Goes on Holiday

The Adventures of Spot: Series 2

The second series of The Adventures of Spot was aired in 1993, and, like the first series, consisted of 13 episdoes that were 5 minutes in duration. The episodes were produced by King Rollo Films and were narrated by Paul Nicholas and the music was composed by Duncan Lamont.

Spot Goes to the Farm

Spot Stays Overnight

Spot Makes a Cake

Spot Finds a Key

Spot in the Garden

Spot Goes to a Party

Spot’s Winter Sports

Spot Goes to the Fair

Spot’s Favorite Toy

Spot’s First Picnic

Spot at the Playground

Storytime with Spot